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3 differences between ordinary medical bandages and elastic bandages

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1. Elastic bandage is soft in texture and high in elasticity;

2. Elastic bandage has good air permeability;

3. Ordinary medical bandages are mainly gauze bandages, which are mainly used for wound dressing and fixation; elastic bandages are mainly used for retention and bandaging of patients with varicose veins and orthopedics in lower limbs to improve blood circulation and prevent swelling of limbs . It can also replace the multi-head abdominal band after surgery, and is used for compression bandaging of different parts of the human body or general wound bandaging.

Strictly speaking, the difference between ordinary medical bandages and medical elastic bandages is not very big. In terms of usage, elastic bandages can also be used as ordinary medical cotton gauze bandages, but full gauze bandages generally cannot be used as elastic bandages.

Elastic bandages have better fixing performance, so they can be used as fixed bandaging and compression bandaging products. Some functions of elastic bandages cannot be achieved by ordinary medical bandages. Therefore, in today's market, elastic bandages are gradually squeezing the market for ordinary medical bandages. , Gradually replacing ordinary medical bandages in many aspects.



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