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Adsorption of different materials of infusion set on infusion medicine

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Clinical nurses understand the characteristics of disposable infusion set materials and commonly used drugs that are easily absorbed by different materials, which helps to ensure the effectiveness and safety of clinical medications. In view of this, this article reviews the research on the adsorption of different materials of the infusion set on the infusion drug.


one. Analysis of the characteristics of infusion sets of different materials

1. PVC infusion set

The main material of disposable infusion set is PVC and plasticizer dioctyl phthalate (DEHP). DEHP can accumulate in tissues, blood and body fluids and cause liver toxicity, reproductive toxicity, etc. DEHP, as an endogenous interference factor, also has carcinogens. PVC infusion sets have the advantages of high strength, softness, transparency, and low price. They have the longest use time and the widest range. Some small and medium-sized hospitals still use all PVC infusion sets, and there are some safety hazards when using PVC infusion sets. PVC material has strong adsorption to some alcohol-soluble and fat-soluble drugs, which makes prescription medication inaccurate and affects the therapeutic effect. At present, the European Union, the United States, Taiwan and other regions of my country have banned the use of DEHP plasticized PVC infusion sets.

2. TPE infusion set

As a new substitute for PVC material, the main components of TPE infusion set are ultra-low density polyethylene polyolefin and thermoplastic elastomer. At present, only a few domestic manufacturers produce it. The TPE infusion set has saturated double bonds, does not contain polar groups and ester plasticizers, is safe and non-toxic to the human body, has no adsorption of drugs, and ensures the efficacy of drugs.

3. PE infusion set

An infusion set with a double-layer filter medium structure, which has strong dirt holding capacity, high filtration accuracy, and low drug adsorption rate. It can effectively prevent the damage of particles to the human body, reduce the stimulation of drug products to blood vessels, and improve the purity of the infused liquid , So as to reduce the pain, extravasation at the puncture site, vasospasm caused by stimulation of the blood vessel wall, and avoid interruption of infusion. As only a small part of the domestic manufacturers produce, so there are few clinical applications.

4. PP infusion set

Infusion sets made of this type of material are rarely seen in clinical applications. They are mainly used for the production of infusion bottles, infusion bags, and syringes. They are a relatively safe material, but they also have a certain adsorption effect on certain drugs.



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