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Advantages of single-use light-proof infusion set

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The single-use light-proof infusion set is mainly composed of a cork piercer, an air inlet device, a pipeline, a drip bucket, a flow regulator, a medicinal solution injection part, a medicinal solution filter, an intravenous infusion needle, and a protective cover. The filtration rate is not less than 80%. The infusion set has a light transmittance in the wavelength range of 290nm-450nm. The dropper is ≤35%, the pipeline is ≤15%, and the gravity infusion is for one-time use.

Disposable-Infusion-Set-with-CE-and-ISO (3)

Advantages of single-use light-proof infusion set:

1. Double-layer structure: The pipeline and drip hopper adopt a double-layer structure, and the inner layer has no problem of elution of light shielding agent;

2. Stable light-shielding performance: eliminate the influence of light on drug regulations during the infusion process, especially the use of nutritional drip in advanced wards and intravenous drip of some special light-shielding drugs;

3. Precise measurement: Set a dropper in the dropper. When the liquid is infused, you can see the number of drops infused. 1ml is about 20 or 60 drops. The air filter has a filtration rate of more than 90 for particles above 15μm in the air. %;

4. Versatility: The 6:100 conical connector produced in accordance with international standards has screw and non-screw design, accurate size, lightweight handling, and can be used with any brand of injection needle or infusion set;

5. A wide range of types: double steel pin type, plastic pin type, plastic pin type, high elastic type, etc., with complete specifications, which can meet the individual needs of customers to the greatest extent;

6. Professional clinical function: due to the needs of clinical treatment, when other medicinal liquids are injected into the vein, the specially equipped injection parts can supplement medicinal liquids without having to implement additional subcutaneous punctures;

7. Complete sterile protection: The terminal of the infusion set is designed with a sterile protective cover to keep the inner surface of the infusion set aseptic and easy to use;



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