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Advantages of using blood collection tubes for blood collection

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Vacuum blood collection tubes replaced the glass test tubes and disposable syringes used in early clinical practice. In the early clinical practice, disposable syringes were used to collect blood and injected into each test tube separately. If the tube is added with anticoagulant, it must be shaken before sending to the laboratory. an examination. However, there are sometimes insufficient or excessive blood collection, incorrect selection of anticoagulant, or clotting due to insufficient anticoagulant, which not only delays the detection, but also causes inspection errors, and the open test tube can bring pollution and cause errors. One of the reasons is to bring unnecessary misleading losses to the clinic and the patient. Compared with the old blood collection method, the vacuum blood collection tube has the following advantages:

1. Accurate blood collection

It is a vacuum blood sampling device. The test tube has been sucked out according to the required blood volume, so the blood volume is very accurate. The anticoagulant in the anticoagulant tube matches the blood volume and will not cause clots due to excessive blood sampling. .

2. Standardization of blood collection

Vacuum blood collection tubes have different color stoppers. Different colors represent different uses. For example, yellow represents serum tubes for biochemistry, purple caps are used for blood routine tests, and light blue caps are used for clotting time determination. Black is used for erythrocyte sedimentation rate. Experiments, etc., and the scale line as a mark is not easy to make mistakes at a glance, avoiding the situation that the test tube is used incorrectly and affecting the test: the diameter of the tube is the same, and the length of the tube is different.

3. Good safety performance

The safety head cover of the vacuum blood collection tube effectively prevents medical staff from contacting blood samples during collection and transportation, and prevents nosocomial infection. In addition, the real blood collection tube is made of strengthened glass or special plastic, and the tube damage rate is extremely small. The blood collection tube also ensures that the inner wall of the test tube is clean and sterile.

4. Good separation of serum

The emotional separation gel is pre-installed in the sub-tube, so the serum is separated quickly and more. The disposable vacuum blood collection tube is coated with silicone to prevent blood cells from adhering to the wall. At the same time, it also prevents cell breakage during centrifugation and spillage of intracellular substances into the serum. test results.

The use of a single-use vacuum blood collection tube with a two-way blood collection needle can effectively avoid hemolysis caused by the excessive pressure of the disposable syringe injecting blood into the test tube, and effectively improve the accuracy of clinical testing: the two-way blood collection needle is equipped with different The inner diameter model is suitable for different patients. The end with a rubber sleeve can be inserted into the test tube multiple times without oozing. It can collect multiple tube specimens at one time by venous puncture to avoid the psychological panic caused by the blood spill. Yuzi is a fully enclosed operation to avoid environmental pollution and play a certain role in preventing cross-infection and protecting the medical staff themselves.



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