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Advantages of vacuum blood collection tube

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The main advantages of vacuum blood collection tubes are as follows:

1. Safety. It can be closed when blood is collected, which can ensure that medical staff do not touch the source of infection, and it is easy to be completely destroyed after use, reducing iatrogenic infectious diseases.

2. Convenience. One-time venipuncture can collect multiple tubes of specimens, reducing unnecessary repetitive operations, saving time and effort, alleviating patient pain, and easy to mix.

3. The form needs to be in line with developed countries. The developed countries have 60 years of experience in use, and domestic hospitals above the second level have adopted it.

4. Clear identification, complete varieties of vacuum blood collection tubes, to meet the needs of different specimen collection.

5. All additives of the vacuum blood collection tube are added automatically, and the sample is accurate, avoiding the shortcomings of poor repeatability of manual addition, so as to ensure the accuracy and good repeatability of the results.

In recent years, with the rapid development of my country's medical level, disposable vacuum blood collection tube products have been widely used clinically to detect blood components, prompting the continuous development and improvement of vacuum blood collection tubes.



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