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Application of latex gloves

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Latex gloves are a kind of gloves, which are made of latex materials. It can be used in cleaning, industrial, medical, beauty and other industries. It is a must-have hand protection product for many industries.

Latex gloves are made of natural latex and matched with other fine additives. The products have special surface treatment and are comfortable to wear. They are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, medical treatment, and daily life.

Latex gloves feature a unique fingertip texture design, which greatly enhances the grip and effectively prevents slippage; the patented design without palm lines, evenly penetrates the glue and enhances protection; the unique hand design, cotton lining, improves comfort.

Latex gloves are suitable for battery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, aircraft assembly, glass fiber reinforced plastic industry, environmental cleaning and cleaning, aerospace fields, etc.

Latex gloves are resistant to perspiration, water immersion, abrasion resistance, puncture resistance; resistance to acids and alkalis, grease, fuel, and various solvents; they have a wide range of chemical resistance and good oil resistance.



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