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Are sterile gauze and absorbent cotton gauze the same thing?

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Degreased gauze refers to cotton gauze that has undergone degreasing treatment and absorbs water more easily than gauze without degreasing treatment. Sterile gauze is a sterilized treatment of degreased gauze, which is safer and more hygienic and better gauze cotton.

1. Different uses

1. Bandage: It is used to bandage wounds or affected areas and is a common medical item.

2. Gauze: Install on the machine or manually grind the burrs, rust spots or polished surface on the surface of the metal workpiece. Wrapped gauze is mainly used for mechanical grinding of metal workpieces or plywood. Small particle size numbers are used for coarse grinding, and large particle numbers are used for fine grinding.

2. Different types

1. Bandage: 100% cotton plain weave, wrinkle elastic bandage, aminolun elastic bandage, PBT elastic bandage, cotton gauze woven bandage, viscose plaster bandage.

2. Gauze

1) According to different yarn raw materials, it can be divided into pure cotton gauze (also used as cotton gauze), purified fiber gauze, and blended gauze.

2) According to different weaving processes, it can be divided into single-layer gauze, double-layer gauze, and multi-layer gauze.

3) According to different uses, it can be divided into civilian gauze, medical gauze (skim gauze), industrial gauze, etc.

3. Different materials

1. Bandage: cotton cloth, gauze and elastic tape, medical elastic bandage.

2. Gauze: A cotton fabric with sparse warp and weft.

The production of medical cotton yarn is very demanding, and cotton raw materials must first be sterilized and degreased.

Medical absorbent cotton is made of cotton and is one of the leading products in the Eisai industry. It is mainly used to make medical cotton swabs, cotton balls, and sanitary cotton sticks. Adding absorbent cotton is used in the beauty and hairdressing industry. Medical absorbent cotton is in great demand in major hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, health material factories and pharmacies at home and abroad.

Medical degreased gauze is mainly plain weave made of pure cotton yarn, and the degreased, bleached, refined gauze, which must not contain other fibers and processed products, is used for general surgical dressings. Medical gauze cotton is suitable for processing into various specifications of medical dressings and sanitary masks and other sanitary products.

As can be seen from the above, medical absorbent cotton is not gauze, the composition and function of the two are different. Therefore, you need to pay attention when buying.



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