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Blood routine of vacuum blood collection

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Vacuum blood collection vessel is often used in clinical laboratory consumables blood sampling test, among which the purple tube anticoagulant used in blood routine test is the most common. What is its application principle? This paper briefly introduces the relationship between commonly used purple tube anticoagulant EDTA-K2 and platelet

Objective: To investigate the changes of edta-k2-dependent platelet aggregation with time

Methods: 10 normal EDTA-K2 anticoagulant routine samples (5 samples with platelet count greater than 10x109 / and less than 600x109 / L, 5 samples with platelet count less than lox109 / L) and 10 blood routine samples with obvious EDTA-K2 dependent platelet aggregation were randomly selected, The platelet counts were measured by three methods (electrical impedance method, laser scattering method and manual method) at the same time and under the same conditions. The measured values were recorded. The linear regression and correlation analysis were performed by graphpadprisms software, Results in the group without platelet aggregation, there was a good correlation among the three methods, and the relative deviation was the clinically acceptable platelet aggregation group. The correlation among the three methods was poor, The relative deviation was beyond the clinical acceptable range. When the anticoagulant samples were tested with the corresponding sodium hyaluronate, it was found that the correlation between the measured values was good, and the relative deviation was also clinically acceptable. In addition, EDTA-K2 dependent platelet aggregation would gradually increase with time

Conclusion: platelet aggregation will affect platelet detection, making the measured values of various methods lose comparability and correlation, and the relative deviation is beyond the acceptable range of clinical quality control. At the same time, the phenomenon of platelet aggregation will become more obvious with the passage of time. Therefore, if platelet aggregation samples are found one day, manual counting should be carried out as soon as possible, and the clinical anticoagulation samples should be re sampled for re examination



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