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Blood sample detection of new coronavirus, how to complete it in 22 minutes and avoid infection

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Nucleic acid detection of suspected cases of existing new coronary pneumonia mostly uses upper respiratory tract samples (primarily pharyngeal swabs). The collection process is extremely risky for medical personnel. The new test kit is tested by blood samples, and the risk of infection is reduced. You can get the inspection results, which has received the attention of the frontline and society.

What scientific principle does the new test kitadopt? How effective is it? When can it be applied to the front?

IgM refers to immunoglobulin M in serum, and IgG refers to immunoglobulin G in serum. IgM is the earliest antibody that appears after antigen stimulation in the human body, so the detection of its concentration can be used as an early diagnostic indicator for infectious diseases. IgG is the earliest antibody produced in the initial immune response. The increase of IgG in the serum indicates a recent infection, which can be used for the early diagnosis of acute infection of new coronavirus. By capturing IgM or IgG in a blood sample, you can determine whether you are infected with a new coronavirus antibody.

  The new coronavirus antibody detection kit uses high-tech material nano-magnetic beads to label the viral recombinant protein, used to capture the viral antibody IgM or IgG in the blood sample, and then uses a secondary antibody to recognize the antibody. The secondary antibody is coupled to alkaline phosphatase, and a light signal will be generated after the substrate is added. The chemiluminescence instrument captures photons through a high-sensitivity PMT (photomultiplier tube) to achieve high sensitivity detection, which can reach pg (pico) level. This is 100-1000 times more sensitive than colloidal gold and other visual methods.

After testing 90 clinical samples (including 58 nucleic acid positive samples), the clinical coincidence rate of IgM was greater than 90%, and the clinical coincidence rate of IgG was greater than 95%.

Relevant kits are applying for green channel and applying for NMPA certificate.

The detection kit has small instruments and can be used for clinical departments in hospitals such as emergency, outpatient, and ICU. The operation is simple, and the experimenter can learn to operate within 15 minutes. Importantly, serum generally does not contain coronavirus or has low toxicity, which greatly reduces the risk of occupational exposure of medical personnel.



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