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Can a blood transfusion set be used for infusion?

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The blood transfusion set is a special infusion device designed to adapt to blood and its products, and is not suitable for infusion.

1. Types of infusion set and filter aperture

There are basically three types of infusion sets in clinical use: one is ordinary PVC infusion set with a filter pore size of 15um; the other is a precision infusion set containing PVC with a filter pore size of 3um, 5um, or even smaller; the other is not The TPE infusion set containing PVC plasticizer has a filter pore size of 15um, which can prevent the adsorption of emulsions, oils such as nitroglycerin, bufenatide injection and certain chemotherapeutics.

2. Material and filter aperture of blood transfusion set

At present, 90% of domestic infusion set tubing and blood transfusion funnel are made of polyvinyl chloride PVC, and the filter pore size is 170um~260um. If the pore size is too small, it is easy to be blocked by the micro-polymers of platelets and white blood cells in the blood cells, which affects the effective filtration area.


3. Features of concentrated red blood cells

The diameter of a single red blood cell is 6-9 microns. However, concentrated red blood cells have removed most of the plasma, platelets and white blood cells, and the concentration of red blood cells increases, and many red blood cells are often glued together. Therefore, the viscosity of concentrated red blood cells is greater than that of whole blood, and the fluency is only 60% of whole blood.



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