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Can disposable protective clothing be reused?

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Disposable protective clothing has the characteristics of anti permeability, good air permeability, high strength and high hydrostatic pressure resistance. It should be mainly used in industrial, electronic, medical, chemical prevention and other environments. However, many people do not know whether they can be reused when using protective clothing. The following is explained by Zibo dongmai Xiaobian and everyone:


Can protective clothing be reused?

It is disposable and cannot be reused in principle. According to the relevant documents issued by the National Health Commission, protective clothing is used in isolated observation ward (room), isolated ward (room) and isolated intensive care ward (room). Protective clothing shall not be reused. It is forbidden to leave the above areas wearing protective masks and protective clothing. In principle, protective clothing shall not be used for diagnosis and treatment operations in other areas and in other areas. However, in case of serious shortage of protective clothing, it can be reused after strict disinfection.

 How long will disposable protective clothing be replaced after use

Medical conjoined protective clothing is generally replaced every 4 hours. Disposable protective clothing refers to the disposable protective articles worn by clinical medical personnel when contacting patients with Class A or infectious diseases managed according to class A infectious diseases. The protective clothing shall have the characteristics of good waterproof, anti-static, filtering efficiency, no skin irritation, easy to wear and take off, tight joint, elastic closure of cuffs and ankles, etc

What about used protective clothing

If possible, fully detoxify, clean, inspect and air pressure test the protective clothing for reuse. If the protective clothing cannot be detoxified, it shall be discarded in a safe way. If it passes through the epidemic area, it is better to burn it.

Under what circumstances should I wear it   Protective clothing

Disposable protective clothing shall be worn under the following circumstances: when clinical medical personnel contact patients with Class A or infectious diseases managed according to class A infectious diseases. Contact with patients with airborne or droplet borne infectious diseases and may be splashed by the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions and excreta. Medical staff do not touch the respiratory secretions of patients, nor do they have the operation of generating aerosols, so they do not need to wear protective clothing.



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