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Can kn95 masks be reused?

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Kn95 mask is a kind of better protective effect besides n95 mask. Under normal conditions, no matter what kind of mask is disposable, it will be replaced after four hours of use. However, Special circumstances always require special treatment. Therefore, kn95 masks can still be reused, but if the mask is obviously damaged or obviously stained, it must be replaced immediately.

Can the mask be washed?

Professional anti-particulate masks cannot be washed and disinfected, otherwise the filter material in the mask and the structure of the mask will be damaged.

Will the breathing valve of the mask affect the filtering effect?

The exhalation valve on the 3M mask is a one-way valve, which is opened during exhalation and closed during inhalation, and the exhalation valve has to undergo a strict air tightness test, which will not affect the filtering effect of the mask.

How to deal with the problem of the smell of masks? Is it harmful?

The mask may smell. However, the materials used in 3M masks have been evaluated by the 3M Medical Department toxicology, with special attention to assessing the risk of skin irritation, allergies or toxicity caused by the basic chemical salt content of the product and the raw materials, so this smell will not have an adverse effect on health. If the mask can be placed for a short period of time in a clean, ventilated environment, the odor can usually be reduced and the discomfort to the odor can be reduced.



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