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China's medical equipment to develop hot and cold thinking

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With the growth of China's medical equipment, important appearances and key points are as follows:

At first, health care progressed. With the growth of society, people's living standards have improved, and people's health awareness has become more and more intense. While the health products are selling well, medical device manufacturers are also indirect victims. On the one hand, when the patient evaluates the strength of a hospital, the setting of the hospital's medical equipment is gradually put into the focus of the evaluation. If you are targeted, you must first diagnose the disease abnormally and accurately; on the other hand, it is getting more and more accurate. More and more people have learned to be doctors themselves, and medical devices have entered ordinary people's homes, which means that the medical device market has a new depression.

Secondly, it is benefited from the final setting of the national medical reform policy. According to the new medical reform plan, by 2010, the world will begin to establish a framework of fundamental medical and health systems, try to slow the gap between the basic medical and health services between urban and rural, regional, and disparate people. ; By 2020, establish a basic medical and health track system covering urban and rural residents. To this end, the country will need to increase investment of 100 billion yuan. It can be foreseen that the continuous expansion of urban and rural medical institutions will open up a wider and wider market for medical device manufacturers. Therefore, medical device manufacturers will suffer from it, especially the low-end and middle-end medical device products need to be released first. Get a big order for upgrading our health system.

In addition, the emergence of Chinese production also allows people to see the stamina of the Chinese medical device market. Mr. Pei, the chairman of Shenyang Smead Import & Export Co., Ltd., feels that ten years ago, all medical equipment markets could not see any Chinese-made equipment. Nowadays, in the high-end equipment category, such as CTM, DSA, etc. You can see the equipment in China. In particular, in some low-end equipment markets, domestic equipment has done a good job. In other words, all Chinese medical device industries are moving upward.

However, looking back, the current situation of the domestic medical device market makes people feel slim. According to statistics, at present, nearly 70% of the domestic medical device market has been shared by large multinational companies, and they are all domestic high-end markets. Such as the United States GE company's basin CT machine, Germany's Siemens basin MRI equipment, Philips Holland's angiography equipment. In China, there are about 12,000 medical device production units registered and approved by the National Food and Drug Surveillance Administration. However, only 10% of the companies that can be sold and sold are better than most. Most medical device companies mainly produce low-end products in the production area. Too small, shortage of focus on competitiveness. I have to say that this is a thought-provoking sign.

In summary, the current situation of the domestic medical device industry can not be changed simply by improving the skill level. However, with the introduction and implementation of a series of national policies such as the national medical device joint bidding and negotiation system, medical device quality management system standards and policies, the medical device industry will usher in a new round of reshuffle. How to deal with all aspects of difficulties to improve the skill level, welcome this industry change, will once again affect the nerves of medical device manufacturers.

Just like the research and development of pharmaceuticals, in the medical device industry, the investment required for research and development funds is to ensure that manufacturers develop new products and product innovation. In addition, the medical device industry itself is a capital-intensive high-tech property. Investment is not only necessary, but also necessary. However, insufficient funding has become a common problem in the future growth of China's medical device industry. Some exhibitors admit that as a private medical device manufacturer, they are not able to spend a lot of money on scientific research investment, and at the beginning, the country can not give you a lot of investment, as long as you get the country, The more the society recognizes, the more he will invest in you. Therefore, medical device manufacturers cannot make a huge plan and invest millions or tens of millions to develop products. In the final analysis, for medical device manufacturers operating in a small area, reducing investment in research and development funds is actually to avoid market dangers.

In the face of backward skills, Mr. Ji Lu, the head of the clinical system of the GE medical group, saw the results of people. I think that the backwardness of skills is just a symptom, not a real reason. I think it is the result of people and the result of Teacher Ji Lu sighed like this. At present, there are tens of thousands of domestic medical device companies, but the professional talent network is extremely scarce, and the contradiction between supply and demand is extremely prominent, which has restrained the growth of all industries to a certain extent.

As far as manufacturers dealing with large amounts of funds for R & D are concerned, there are all kinds of worries and failures. This stems from the lack of national protection of property rights of medical device products. Chongqing Cody Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. takes out 10% of the sales amount every year to invest in product research, but because of the lack of national protection of property rights of medical device products, once the new product is listed, it will not be able to escape the copied luck . Liu Yuhai, the general manager of Wuhan Changfeng Medical Devices Co., Ltd. also has a deep understanding. The time for a product to win the championship is not very long. For example, you have now developed a new variety. Within three months, a different product It will go in immediately, and it will certainly be much lower in terms of price. If so, the competition between products and products will stay in the price competition of products. It seems that you actually invested a lot, but the final profit is thinner.



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