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Classification and characteristics of surgical gloves:

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Have you ever received surgical treatment? Have you seen surgical gloves? Unlike ordinary household gloves, surgical gloves have very strict manufacturing standards. The following editor briefly introduces the classification and characteristics of surgical gloves:

One, the common classification of surgical gloves

1. Common surgical gloves can be divided into: latex gloves, rubber gloves, TPE gloves, PE gloves, etc.

2. According to the different materials contained, it can be divided into two types: non-talc powder and talc powder.

Second, the characteristics of surgical gloves

1. Medical sterility. The most common surgical gloves are packaged in a single pair, and only after passing through gamma rays can they meet the standards of medical surgical gloves.

2. Surgical gloves are generally thick and tough, which can effectively prevent bacterial contact and protect medical staff from infection.

3. In addition to surgical gloves, it is necessary to consider the air permeability and comfort that medical staff wear for a long time, and try to ensure that the material has low irritation and good air permeability.



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