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Classification and treatment of disposable syringes

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Disposable syringes can be divided into three types: serious pollution, general pollution and basically no pollution. For disposable syringes with different pollution levels, their treatment methods are also different, so how to classify them? Let's let Zibo dongmai Xiaobian explain it to you.

Disposable-Irrigation-Syringe-Disposbale-Syringe-Luer-Lock (3)

1. Seriously polluted Disposable syringes: those in direct contact with the patient's body fluids, such as blood drawing, pleural effusion, ascites, etcUsed syringes because the patient's body fluid is a potential source of infection.

2. Generally contaminated Disposable Syringes: that is, only the needle part is in contact with the patient, such as conventional syringesInjection and infusion, usually hang anti-inflammatory water and other syringes.

3. Basically pollution-free Disposable Syringes: basically pollution-free disposable syringes that do not come into direct contact with patientsFor example, the syringe used during dosing, of course, improper operation and contamination should be eliminated.

This is the classification of disposable syringes. If they want to be treated, they should be treated according to such a classification method. Different pollution levels should have different treatment methods.



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