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Disposable injection needle product description

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The disposable injection needle is composed of a needle seat, a needle tube, a protective cover and other components. All components and processing materials of this product produced by Far East Medical are made of materials that meet medical requirements. After ethylene oxide sterilization, it is non-toxic, sterile, pyrogen-free, easy to use, and sharp.

This product is matched with a syringe or infusion (blood) device. It is suitable for intradermal, subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous injection of medicine (blood) or blood extraction, and can effectively avoid cross-infection between the wounded and the sick.

Product features of single-use sterile injection needles:

1. The disposable injection needle is made of SU3O4 material, and the thin-walled tube needle tip treated with a special surface coating. The needle tip is sharp, which makes it easier to pierce the skin tissue, with less pain and less tissue damage;

2. The needle tube has a large inner diameter and a high flow rate;

3. The needle seat adopts translucent design, which can easily observe the blood return;

4. The color identification specification of the needle seat is easy to distinguish and use;

5. The product supply form is flexible, can be bulk or packaged, can be sterilized or not;

6. Special injection needles can be customized;

7. Packaging type: bulk, paper and plastic packaging.



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