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Disposable syringe components and functions

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Disposable syringes are very common in hospitals. They are used for physical examinations or vaccine injections. After they are used, they will be sheathed and discarded directly. They cannot be reused. This is a disposable syringe and is not used with an infusion set. . Changzhou Far East introduces its components and functions to let everyone know more about it.

The main components of disposable syringes:

1. Shell 2. Core rod 3. Black rubber plug 4. Push head 5. Press hand 6. Needle

Relatively speaking, the disposable infusion set of syringe manufacturers is more complicated than that of disposable syringes, and there are many components. In addition to the function of drawing blood during physical examination, disposable syringes have the following functions:

1. Subcutaneous injection 2. Intramuscular injection 3. Intravenous injection of liquid 4. Extract solution

In fact, disposable syringes are not only used in the medical field, but also in the chemical industry. Of course, disposable syringes are also available in different models and whether they have needles or not. Interested customers can continue to pay attention to our website to understand More information.



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