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Disposable umbilical cord clamp for neonatal end use

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Multifunctional umbilical cord clamp, including placental end and neonatal end. The newborn end is a V-shaped clip. The two arms of the V-shaped clip are connected into one body. Each has a protrusion on the outside. The placenta end includes another V-shaped clip, a blade and two V-shaped clips with the same structure as the newborn end. Sliding tracks. Each sliding track is a groove, and the protrusions and grooves on the outside of the two arms of the V-shaped clamp coincide with each other. The two arms of the V-shaped clamp have internal teeth with grooves between the teeth. The internal teeth have the same shape and are staggered. When the two arms are closed, the internal teeth mesh. One arm end of the V-shaped clip is provided with an inward hook hook, and the other arm end is provided with a groove matching the hook. Two V-shaped clamps are arranged side by side with a distance of 2-10mm. The blade is located between the two V-shaped clamps and in the middle of the sliding track. The two steps of clamping and cutting can be completed together. The newborn end is used for one time, which is safe and sanitary. The placental end can be used repeatedly after menstruation, saving resources.



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