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Disposable umbilical cord clamp is simple and convenient to operate

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The disposable umbilical cord clamp is used to cut off the umbilical cord that connects the mother and the baby after birth. The main technical feature of the disposable baby umbilical cord clip is that it consists of two clip arms that are connected into a V-shaped head and have internal elastic teeth. The teeth are slotted in the middle, and the outer head is provided with a hook 5 in the middle of the arc. The other end of the clamping arm 1 has a clamping buckle seat 4 corresponding to the two clamping teeth 3, the edge of the entrance is provided with a curvature, and there is a stopper 6 in the middle, when the two clamping teeth 3 are caught in the clamping buckle At 4 o'clock, they mesh with each other and cannot be easily opened. The utility model has simple and convenient operation, saves dressings, is beneficial to abdominal breathing of newborns, and can avoid the advantages of cross infection and disease entering from the umbilicus.

The baby's umbilical cord is a kind of necrotic tissue. If it gets wet, it is easy to infect the umbilical cord with bacteria. After the newborn's umbilical cord is shed, the new granulation tissue at the umbilical fossa has not yet matured, and it often appears damp. If it is re-soaked with water, it is very unfavorable for wound healing. When mothers are taking care of the umbilical part of their baby, if they find that the umbilical cord is stained with water or urine, they should clean it with clean cotton cloth in time, and then disinfect with alcohol after cleaning.



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