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Disposable umbilical cord clamp product features and advantages

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Product features and advantages are as follows:

(1) The operation of the disposable umbilical cord clamp is simple and convenient. The umbilical cord can be cut, hemostasis, and ligated in a single operation, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of cutting the umbilical cord and shorten the operation time. Precious time.

(2) Compared with the traditional umbilical cord cutting method, the possibility of infant umbilical cord infection and bleeding is greatly reduced, and it can prevent blood from splashing during the umbilical cord cutting process and completely avoid blood-borne infections, such as various types of hepatitis, syphilis, AIDS, etc. , To maximize the protection of the safety and health of medical personnel;

(3) Using the disposable umbilical cord clip produced by our company, the cut umbilical cord is also closed, which avoids the loss of cord blood and creates favorable conditions for the cord blood recycling. After 4 hours, remove the dressing and expose the umbilicus to be detached by itself. Disinfect the umbilical cord stump and periumbilical skin twice a day with 95% alcohol.



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