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Do not discard disposable syringes randomly after use!

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Do not discard disposable syringes randomly after use!

Zibo Dongmai is a kind of medical equipment. Disposable syringes must not be thrown away at will after use, and there are also clear regulations in medical treatment. There are mainly several points on how to dispose of five disposable syringes after use.

1. The inoculation unit should have a special person responsible for the disinfection and destruction of disposable syringes.

2. Establish records of the allocation or purchase, use, and destruction of disposable syringes. The records should be complete and the accounts should be consistent.

3. Use disposable syringes for vaccination.

4. Zibo Dongmai uses disposable syringes for vaccination and must strictly implement the "one person, one needle, one tube, one use, one destruction" system.

5. When using disposable syringes, the staff of grassroots inoculation units should check whether the syringe packaging is intact and within the validity period. Products whose packaging has been damaged or have exceeded the validity period shall not be used.

6. When the inoculation is completed, the disposable syringe after use should be put into a puncture-proof safe collection container (safe box) made of sturdy material and handed in for disposal before the next inoculation. It is strictly prohibited to reuse disposable syringes.

7. The disposable syringe after use can be destroyed by a destroyer, or after the needle and barrel are separated by manual destruction, the needle can be directly placed in a puncture-proof container or clamped with pliers for more than 90 degrees, and the syringe can be clamped with pliers Weaning the nipples, soak them in a disinfectant containing 1000mg/L of available chlorine for more than 60 minutes.

The above content is about the disposal of disposable syringes after use, and the last step is to destroy, incinerate or bury the collected syringes to ensure that they are disposable.



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