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Features of Disposable Syringe Products

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Disposable syringes are made of high molecular weight polypropylene materials. They are divided into three-piece and two-piece. The three-piece structure is composed of three pieces of core rod, rubber stopper, and outer casing, as well as injection needle and outer packaging. The two-piece structure is the core It is composed of rod, jacket, injection needle and outer packaging.

Disposable-Irrigation-Syringe-Disposbale-Syringe-Luer-Lock (2)

The injection needle is made of medical stainless steel, the oblique mouth is flat and the edge angle is standard, and the angle is easy to puncture, and the pain is small; the piston head adheres to the tube wall tightly, and it is in close contact with the needle, and it is not easy to leak. A variety of specifications; the beveled needle tip design, the needle tip is sharp, can relieve the pain when the patient receives the injection. Next, the editor of Zibo Dongmai will share with you the characteristics of disposable syringes!

1. Made of polypropylene material with good biocompatibility

2. High transparency, clear and precise scale lines

3. Good sliding performance

4. The product is designed with a non-slip structure, which is convenient for users to use

5. The core rod is designed with a self-destructive structure, which is convenient for harmless disposal after one-time use

The above are the characteristics of disposable syringes. Some syringes have a screw port design and double-threaded fixed needles. In order to better deal with the destruction after use, the existing self-destructing syringes are used to retract the needle to jam the core rod or automatically break the core rod. The syringe cannot be used again



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