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Five characteristics of central venous catheters

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Central venous catheter is a type of intravascular tube, which is placed in a large vein. Establish a good infusion channel for patients with repeated infusions to avoid the pain of repeated puncture. The editor of Zibo Dongmai will share with you the five characteristics of central venous catheters.

1. The catheter body material is made of medical grade polyurethane (TPU), which has good biocompatibility, and the indwelling body can automatically soften, and can be shaped according to the shape of blood vessels, effectively protecting the inner wall of the blood vessels. The surface of the tube is smooth, reducing platelet aggregation, effectively preventing thrombosis, and reducing the resistance of the tube.

2. The unique catheter tip soft tip, excellent vascular compliance, and the soft tip avoids vascular damage.

3. The scaled tube body is convenient for clinical placement of the tube according to the required length.

4. The whole section of the tube body is integrated with the developer, and the position of the tube can be displayed under the X-ray.

5. Reasonable lumen distribution and stable flow.

The above are the five characteristics of Central venous catheters. Zibo Dongfang Medical and Health Products Co., Ltd. is a professional company in the field of disposable medical devices. It is committed to the research, development and manufacture of a wide range of medical devices and health products, such as: disposable syringes and needles, disposable infusion sets and blood transfusion sets, gloves, Central venous catheters and drainage tubes, IV treatment and vascular access products, wound care products, urology products, non-woven products and surgical products. Accuracy, professionalism and efficiency are exactly what you can expect from us. You can contact us if you need it.



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