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How important are nitrile gloves in medical examination gloves?

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Medical examination gloves are composed of many kinds of medical-grade disposable gloves. Among them, nitrile gloves are an indispensable role in medical gloves. So how important are nitrile gloves in medical examination gloves? Let us take a look now!


Let me talk about what medical gloves are in disposable medical examination gloves. Medical examination gloves mainly include medical latex examination gloves and medical nitrile gloves; as well as disposable PVC examination gloves and disposable tpe examination gloves. Latex gloves and nitrile gloves have similar performance. They are much better than the latter two in terms of abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, elasticity, resilience, acid resistance, and alkali resistance. Therefore, in general clinical work, these two kinds of gloves are much better. These two gloves are basically used for tasks with higher operational requirements, but a pvc inspection glove and a one-time tpe inspection do not have good elasticity, fit and other properties, so they are generally used in medical inspections. Comparison of these two gloves Loose, it will feel more comfortable and comfortable when worn on the hand.

In the above description, we can know that the competitors of nitrile gloves are latex gloves. They are very similar in performance, but they also have their own shortcomings. As we all know, latex gloves can bring allergic hazards to a small number of people, while nitrile is The use of 100% chemically synthesized latex does not contain allergens. So this is the point that nitrile gloves are stronger than latex gloves, but nitrile gloves are not as good as latex gloves in terms of elasticity, but nitrile gloves still have a good fit, there is no doubt about this.

The color of nitrile gloves is also richer. The color is not only designed to increase beauty, but the color of nitrile gloves is more to improve the doctor's long-term tired work, relieve visual fatigue and improve color compatibility , Because even people who are not allergic to latex gloves like to choose nitrile examination gloves, nitrile gloves are an indispensable one in medical examination gloves.



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