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How long can I wear disposable masks?

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Disposable masks, as the name implies, refer to masks that can be used once and cannot be reused. This kind of mask is small in size, light in weight, and thin in thickness. Therefore, if its protective ability is to be stronger, its process is required to be more complicated.


We know that masks are used to filter toxic and harmful gases or dust substances. However, after a long time of use, the filter layer inside the mask will be blocked by various tiny particles, or the mask will be wetted due to humid air exhaled from the mouth and nose, thus losing its protective function.

Therefore, disposable masks generally lose their function after a period of use, or the protective layer collects a lot of dust, which blocks the tiny pores, and it will be difficult to breathe after wearing it.

Therefore, in general, disposable masks can no longer be used after four to six hours. If it is used continuously at one time, it is generally replaced within four hours. Of course, if you just wear it on your mouth and nose intermittently and take it off halfway to breathe fresh air, then the time can be a little longer, but the total use time is generally not more than four hours.



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