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How much do you know about disposable masks?

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Disposable masks are three-layered. Nowadays, disposable medical masks have become one of the commonly used types due to their light weight, ease of wear and ease of purchase. So how much do you know about disposable medical masks? What is the difference between surgical masks? Under what circumstances can be reused, let us see next!


 What is the difference between disposable medical masks and surgical masks?

  The difference between the two lies in the different implementation standards. Medical masks can be disinfected to remove some pathogenic microorganisms, achieve harmlessness, and can also prevent dust. Because of the low respiratory resistance, they can be worn hygienically. They can absorb aerosols, dust, smoke, mist, and poisonous gases through the filter material. Effectively isolate the source of pollution. Ordinary masks are used to filter the air entering the nose and mouth, and achieve the effect of blocking harmful gases, odors, and droplets from entering and exiting the wearer's nose and mouth. Both of these masks can be used in daily life to prevent new coronary pneumonia.

  How to judge the authenticity of disposable medical masks?

  There are four simple test methods to determine the authenticity of the disposable medical mask purchased:

  First of all, fire prevention method: ignite the middle layer of the mask and ignite the flame to prove that the mask has a poor anti-virus effect and is definitely not a disposable medical mask;

  2. Observation method: Observe the middle layer of the mask with a magnifying glass. The woven wire is invisible, and the antivirus effect is good. Obviously, the woven silk is definitely not a disposable medical mask.

  3. Water injection method: After injecting water from the outside to the inside, the mask does not leak water and has a good anti-virus effect. Water seepage is definitely not a disposable medical mask.

  Fourth, exhalation method: wear a mask to exhale, cover your face with your hands, you can't feel the heat, there is a certain degree of breathing resistance, and the protective effect is good. Under normal circumstances, when choosing a mask, you must choose a formal purchase method.

Can disposable medical masks be reused?

  There are two types of medical masks: one is a three-layer Disposable mask, and the other is a five-layer medical N95 mask. Both masks are made of non-woven fabrics, and the most important non-woven fabric is the meltblown non-woven fabric of the middle layer. Meltblown non-woven fabrics prevent viruses and bacteria through the barrier effect of fibers and the electrostatic adsorption of fibers. In theory, if the used masks are disinfected by boiling with water, spraying with alcohol or disinfecting with ultraviolet lamps, bacteria and viruses sticking to the mask can be eliminated, but high-temperature boiling and spraying with alcohol will destroy the melting. Spray non-woven fibers, thus reducing the function of the mask.

  The fiber barrier and electrostatic adsorption of meltblown non-woven fabrics have a certain degree of saturation. When they reach a certain level, they no longer have the function of adsorbing pathogens. Therefore, it is usually necessary to replace the surgical mask after four hours of continuous use. up. We consider reusing disposable medical masks only in the following circumstances: For example, patients with respiratory infectious diseases who have to go to the hospital for treatment and do not have a new Disposable mask should consider disposable medical masks. The purpose of reusing masks is to reduce the possibility of these patients coughing or sneezing and spreading droplets.



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