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How much do you know about the functions and advantages of umbilical cord clamps?

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Some new mothers may find a clip on the belly of the newborn baby. The clip you see is a newborn umbilical cord clip. The newborn Umbilical cord clamp is also called a disposable umbilical cord clipper, which is a disposable umbilical cord. The cutter is suitable for cutting and separating the umbilical cord of newborns and comprehensive umbilical care.


After the umbilical cord of the newborn baby is ligated, the blood vessels in the wound of the umbilical fossa have not been completely closed, and the umbilical cavity is prone to water accumulation and not easy to dry. Therefore, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause infection, and even sepsis in severe cases.

After the umbilical cord is cut, a wound is formed. This is an important gateway for bacteria to invade the newborn’s body. The mild cases can cause omphalitis, and the severe cases often lead to sepsis and death. Therefore, disinfection and care of the umbilical cord is very important. The role and advantages of the Umbilical cord clamp can not be ignored, specifically the following three points:

1. Make the positioning clearer, clip and cut more convenient, and cut off the umbilical cord in the first time;

2. In terms of time and speed, a single person can quickly and easily complete the newborn's umbilical cord treatment, which greatly shortens the working time of medical staff or the nursing time of family members;

3. reduce the blood exposure of medical staff in the delivery room environment, and at the same time allow each child to receive the best care at the moment of birth.

Before the newborn's Umbilical cord clamp falls off, try not to let the belly button get water. If you bathe the newborn, you need to pay special attention to the umbilical cord. In nursing, wipe gently around the umbilical cord with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol every day, and perform corresponding disinfection to avoid umbilical cord infection and lesions.



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