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How much is a disposable infusion set,You have to know this!

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The infusion set is a common medical consumable. It can be used for intravenous infusion through aseptic treatment to open the channel between the vein and the drug solution. It is generally composed of eight parts such as venous needles, infusion hoses, needle protection caps, drug liquid filters, drip pots, flow rate regulators, stopper piercers, and air filters. This product is used in conjunction with disposable intravenous infusion needles, and is primarily used for clinical gravity infusion.

As the most basic and daily medical equipment, disposable infusion sets are relatively inexpensive, and generally range from a few yuan to tens of yuan. But this is only for the general infusion set, some special, special infusion set will be more expensive. Traditional infusion sets are made of PVC. High-performance polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is considered to be a safer and more versatile material for making disposable infusion sets. There is now a material that does not contain DEHP and is being promoted nationwide.

Its working principle is that under the action of atmospheric pressure, the liquid in the bottle flows into the drip bucket along the thin infusion hose. When the pressure of the water column of the drip bucket is greater than the venous pressure, the liquid in the bottle flows into the vein along the hose. Next, let's take a look at how to use the infusion set. The use of the infusion set is very simple. The medical personnel check the sterilization expiration date of the disposable infusion set and the package for leaks and other abnormalities before using it. Take out the infusion set and pierce the conical joint part. Infusion bottle, hang the infusion bottle on the infusion rod, exhaust until the liquid flows to the lower end of the infusion tube, close the regulator, and then puncture the venous needle into the disinfected vein, untie the tourniquet and adjust the flow rate. This is fine.

Although these devices are in direct contact with the human body, despite the low price, every link is important from the safety evaluation before production to the start of production and to the post-marketing surveillance sampling, so the infusion set also has very strict inspection specifications and quality control . In other applications, we must also obstruct the use of interspersed, disposable medical infusion sets should also be treated as medical waste after use.



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