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How often can I wear a disposable n95 mask?

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Because of its high level of protection,n95 masks have always been highly sought after and favored inmask supplies. At the same time, it has become particularly scarce and sought after, and many people have been using it for a long time. So how long does the n95 mask last, or how long do we need to replace it? With these issues that everyone cares about, let's take a look.

How long does the n95 mask use? In fact, there is not a fixed standard time, mainly because everyone's environment is different. In this use case for protection against pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria, after a certain period of time, the mask will accumulate a certain degree of such pathogenic microorganisms on the outer surface, and at the same time, the microorganisms will rapidly multiply and grow. As a result of the accumulation and pollution of all virus bacteria, the protective effectiveness of the mask is greatly reduced.

In addition, since the mask is worn for a long time, the moisture or other impurities breathed by the human body will also adhere to the inner and outer surfaces of the mask, which affects the filtering function of the mask. Therefore, it is recommended that the time used for the n95 mask is 4-6. About hours. Especially in occasions with high traffic or other medical environments, it is necessary to pay attention to the regular replacement of masks.

Of course, for our daily home use, due to the low pollution of the use environment and the frequency and time of use, the replacement time of the corresponding mask can be appropriately extended according to its own requirements. Especially during the current pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan, masks everywhere are very difficult to find. For example, people usually wear n95 masks (or other medical masks) to go out and throw away garbage or pick up express delivery for a short time. The masks are not contaminated. It is not broken and can bereused masks, that is, it can be reused under reasonable wearing conditions. Of course, it can not be said that it has been used for more than ten days, but it is used for two days or four or five times. This is still OK.



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