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How often does the nebulizer mask change?

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Nowadays, some medical technologies have done a lot of independent innovation and improvement. Aerosol inhalation therapy is one of them. It deals with the distress of ordinary people injecting medicine from the outside, and uses atmospheric aerosol to let everyone inhale medicine into the body to clean the inside. The actual effect of curing the disease. Anyone who takes aerosol inhalation therapy knows that everyone needs a breathing mask for treatment, and believes that everyone is doubtful about the hygiene of the breathing mask. Therefore, today I will give everyone a detailed introduction to the length of the nebulizer mask. Change it again.

How to operate the nebulizer mask:

1. Draw the syrup according to the doctor's instructions, dilute the solution with pure water, or dissolve the medicine within 5ml, and then introduce the syrup into the electronic cigarette atomizer;

2. According to the patient's condition, medical staff will obtain the electronic cigarette vaporizer for hospital bedside applications during treatment;

3. Ask the patient to rinse mouth clean, clean the mouth first, take a comfortable posture, connect the "1" end of the sprayer to the vulcanized rubber tube of the oxygen cylinder, remove the humidification bottle, and adjust the oxygen flow to 6-10L/min. Can be applied;

4. The patient holds the electronic cigarette atomizer application. When breathing, pay attention to the fingertips and move the exhaust port to prevent the medicine from being lost. If you feel tired during the whole application, you can release the pressure fingers, rest for a while and then inhale until the spray is complete Potion;

5. After use, put the electronic cigarette atomizer into the disinfectant for 30 minutes to sterilize and sterilize, clean and wipe it and place it for reserve.

Generally speaking, disposable nebulizer masks need to be replaced after basic use. However, if the patient feels inconvenience and feels that the nebulizer mask itself has no environmental pollution, it can slightly increase the use time, but be sure to do a good job of disinfection and sterilization. However, relatively speaking, the frequency of application of disposable nebulizer masks is once as the standard.



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