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How often does the oxygen nebulizer mask change?

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How often does the OxygenNebulizer Masks change? Do you know how to use the oxygen atomizer mask and precautions? The editor of Zibo Eastmed Healthcare introduces you.

First, the oxygen atomizer is composed of an oxygen mask, an nebulizer mask, and a connecting tube; second, why is the disposable oxygen atomizer mask disposable? Because during the atomization, the atomized particles will be sucked into the lungs. If it is not a disposable product, it may result in the inhalation of some bacterial products, especially when different people use the same oxygen atomizer mask. It can cause cross infection and seriously affect the treatment effect, which is why the atomized mask is a disposable product, in order to avoid harmful effects on the body.

From the perspective of atomization, good operation can play a very good role, but when the operation is not good, it will also bring bad effects, so we need to make some preparations for using the oxygen atomizer mask, For example, a thorough cleaning or disinfection of disposable oxygennebulizer masks, atomization cups, etc. At the same time, medical personnel or those who assist the atomization should be prepared to disinfect their hands.

Generally speaking, the disposable oxygen-oxygen atomizer mask needs to be replaced once, but if the patient feels troublesome and feels that the atomizing mask itself is not polluted, the use time can be extended slightly, but the disinfection must be done well. When cleaning the nebulizer, be sure to completely remove the oxygen mask, nebulizer mask and nebulizer cup, and then assemble after cleaning, dry with a clean towel or white cloth, confirm that it is completely dry, and store it for the next use. But relatively speaking, the number of times that the disposable oxygen atomizer mask is used shall prevail.



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