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How should you use elastic bandages?

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The elastic bandage is woven with natural fibers, the material is soft, and the elasticity is extremely high. Elastic bandages can often play a role in reducing swelling and fixing damaged joints in rehabilitation training. How should the elastic bandage be used?

Four essentials

Precautions before use: To evaluate the color, deformity and swelling of the injured area. Gently palpate the area for pain, crepitus, and skin temperature; check the blood circulation of the capillaries in the loss area. Compare the range of motion and sensation on the injured side and the other side of the joint; if you want to improve the venous return of the injured area and reduce edema, you need to elevate the affected limb above the level of the heart, hold it for about 20 minutes, and then wrap the elastic bandage. Finally, cold compresses are used to further reduce pain and edema; before using elastic bandages, the injured area needs to be placed in a normal functional position to avoid deformity and discomfort. The principle of using elastic bandages is from the distal end to the proximal end of the limb.

Four don't

Do not make mistakes when using: do not unfold the elastic bandage before using it; do not make it too tight during the wrapping process, so as not to affect blood circulation; during the wrapping process, do not leave gaps, except for the heel and toes.



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