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How to avoid bleeding when using a central venous catheter?

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In medical procedures, it is often necessary to indwell a catheter in a vein. At this time, a central venous catheter should be used, because a well-branded central venous catheter has excellent performance and fully meets the conditions for venous insertion. Nevertheless, you should not take it lightly during the operation, so as not to cause bleeding due to operational errors. So how to avoid bleeding when using central venous catheter?

1. Do a good job of thrombolysis

If thrombosis is formed, it is easy to block the central venous catheter and cause local bleeding. In addition, if the central venous catheter is not properly sealed, hemorrhage is prone to occur, so normal saline should be used before intubation. The catheter is flushed with "pulse type", and then the anticoagulant is injected with "projectile type". In addition, a certain unit of urokinase and saline intravenous infusion should be used for systemic thrombolysis and local thrombolysis in the lumen, so as to keep the catheter unobstructed while ensuring that there is no bleeding.

2. The operation must be correct

When using a central venous catheter, if the operator’s puncture technique is not too hard, or the subject has poor coagulation status, poor venous return, etc., it will cause bleeding at the skin exit during the central venous catheter? When the operator mistakenly penetrates the artery or improperly compresses the artery after puncture, it can also cause subcutaneous hematoma. In addition, if the pipe connection of the catheter is not tightly connected, it will also cause bleeding due to external force. It can be seen that if the central venous catheter is used incorrectly, it can also cause bleeding, so it must be operated correctly.

Indwelling a central venous catheter in a vein is one of the common treatments, but bleeding will occur if the operation is improper. To avoid bleeding, do not rush to use a central venous catheter with guaranteed quality for pesticides, and you need to follow the correct method when using it. In addition, you should also do systemic and local thrombolytic treatment.



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