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How to care after the central venous catheter is placed

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A professional central venous catheter is an intravascular tube placed in a large vein. It can be used for surgeries with a large amount of bleeding or to maintain blood pressure in the emergency room. It provides long-term injection of drugs and nutrition. It can also be used for hemodialysis and tumor chemotherapy. The patient establishes an infusion channel to reduce the patient’s pain. Common central venous catheters are relatively inexpensive and are suitable for various types of intravenous injections. However, the operation is relatively complicated and has a certain risk, and the possibility of infection is high, so place the center How to care after intravenous catheter?


1. Partial care

After placing the central venous catheter with good quality and after-sales service, we need to regularly observe whether the skin near the buried tube has redness, swelling, itching and other inflammatory symptoms, and use a disinfectant solution to clean the puncture site, and then add iodophor to achieve continuous sterilization and disinfection After completion, cover the puncture point and the catheter with a 3M transparent film.

2. Anti-embolism nursing

If the central venous catheter is placed deeply, air plunger is likely to occur. If measures are not taken in time, the patient will be in danger of life. Therefore, the infusion pump device needs to be installed and set up before the puncture. It can be blocked, air, and the infusion is completed. Send an alarm to avoid accidents.

3. Seal the tube correctly

Before sealing the tube, use normal saline to clean the pipeline, and use rapid pulse injection of heparin saline to quickly close the extension tube when reaching the identification value to maintain a certain positive pressure inside the central venous catheter to prevent blood backflow and ensure that the solution reaches the tip of the catheter .

The care after the central venous catheter is placed is very important. The medical staff should carry out the care of the patient in a sterile environment and strictly follow the procedures. The infusion set of the central venous catheter needs to be replaced every day, and normal saline should be used after the infusion. Flush the catheter to prevent viscous liquid from blocking the pipeline. When the central venous catheter is blocked, you can use urokinase to seal the tube. After the thrombus is dissolved, pull it back vigorously. If there is blood in the extracted fluid, let out a part of the blood and then put the infusion needle and The flush tube is connected, and the thrombus should not be injected into the blood vessel.



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