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How to care for the hemodialysis catheter?

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Hemodialysis catheter is a vascular access for emergency hemodialysis, immature internal fistulas or other conditions that cannot be used for fistulas temporarily. It is also the "lifeline" for some long-term dialysis patients. Therefore, those who indwell hemodialysis catheters must be self-contained Care. Dialysis care is as follows:


1. Pay attention to the clean, tidy and quiet environment of the dialysis room before and after dialysis. Strictly distinguish between clean and contaminated areas. Staff in the hemodialysis room should wear clean and tidy overalls, hats and masks, and special slippers. Wash hands strictly before operation. Perform pathogenic tests on the hands of operators, clean room air and dialysis water every month to ensure that all tests meet standards.

2. During the hemodialysis operation, the patient should wear a mask and do not speak to prevent the catheter from being contaminated by oral and nose gas, avoid family reunion, and reduce the chance of droplet transmission and germ planting. Strengthen the aseptic operation, strictly abide by the disinfection and isolation system, and require the operator to be proficient in intubation technology to reduce the operation time and the degree of damage to the local tissues.

3. This type of catheter is a blood pathway specially made for hemodialysis treatment and cannot be used as an infusion catheter. The first is the specific amount of anticoagulant used to seal the tube in the catheter. If the anticoagulant in the tube is flushed into the body during infusion, a systemic anticoagulation reaction will occur, which delays the clotting time, and some patients may experience bleeding.



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