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How to catch the cunning tail of a new coronavirus? Detecting the principle of detection Reveal

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In recent days, there have been many reports onnew coronavirus detection kits. Companies have announced the successful development of new coronavirus detection kits.  Currently, the detection kits on the market mainly include molecular biology detection kits and detection of antigens and antibodies. Immunology kit .

Faced with these kits with different detection principles, everyone may be confused. Why are there so many kits for detecting new coronaviruses? What is the difference between them? We will reveal them one by one.

Molecular detection of novel coronaviruses

The molecular biology test mainly detects viral nucleic acid (specific genetic material). By collecting samples from patients' nasal, throat swabs, sputum or alveolar lavage fluid, new coronavirus nucleic acids (RNA) may be extracted. Because RNA is more unstable and easily degraded than DNA, it is reverse transcribed into DNA, and the DNA is amplified and detected.

At present, the most widely used molecular biological detection method is RT-PCR-real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR, using conserved gene sequences such as open reading frame 1ab (ORF1ab) and nucleocapsid protein N (viruses againstnew coronavirus) Features) Designed primers [4,5] for visual amplification by fluorescent tags.

In addition to RT-PCR, digital PCR, nested PCR, isothermal amplification technology, and high-throughput sequencing technology are also gradually applied to the detection ofnew coronaviruses [6-8].

Compared with immunological detection, the sensitivity and specificity of molecular biological detection are significantly improved. The disadvantage is that it takes longer time and requires higher capacity of experimental equipment and testing personnel.



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