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How to correct medical infusion set

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The medical infusion set is a very common medical consumable. After aseptic processing, it can establish a channel between the vein and the liquid for intravenous infusion. Our common infusion set is composed of several parts such as an intravenous needle or a syringe, a needle cap, an infusion tube, and a medical fluid filter. There are also some infusion sets with injection parts, dosing ports and so on. The editor of Shandong Fengquan will share with you how to correct medical infusion set!

Disposable-Infusion-Set-with-CE-and-ISO (4)

Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the infusion tube will flow into the drip hopper along the relatively thin infusion tube. When the water column pressure of the drip hopper is greater than the venous pressure, the liquid in the bottle will flow into the vein along the tube. Medical staff should check the sterilization expiration date of the disposable infusion tube and whether there is any air leakage in the packaging before use. Take out the infusion set, and then insert the bottle needle part into the infusion bottle. If the infusion bag is inserted into the air inlet needle or the air inlet hole is opened, there is no need to open the air inlet device. Hang the infusion bottle on the infusion rod, vent until the medicinal solution flows to the lower end of the infusion tube, close the regulator, and then pierce the intravenous needle into the sterilized vein. Then fix it, untie the tourniquet, and adjust the flow rate. However, this type of infusion set is a disposable product, which should be disposed of in time after use, and cannot be cross-used, and the disposable product must meet the relevant national health and quality standards.

Medical infusion sets are medical supplies that are used very frequently in hospitals. The standard use process and cleanliness of one-time disinfection must be guaranteed. When using the medical infusion set, follow the doctor's instructions and don't pull out the needle at will. In particular, some children are curious about the infusion set during the infusion. Parents should pay more attention to ensure that the infusion can be performed normally.



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