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How to quickly detect new coronavirus?

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In fact, the current detection method is mainly to extract the nucleic acid from the sample and add an amplification Virus detection reagents. If there is a viral gene, the reaction system in the reagent will exponentially amplify it, thereby efficiently expressing the viral gene. Positive samples will pass fluorescence detection to further determine whether the patient is infected.

Recently, a number of companies indicated that they have completed the development of a new coronavirus (2019-nCov) nucleic acid detection kit based on viral genome sequence information. Moreover, on January 19, the National Health and Welfare Commission reported that a new coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit has been issued, requiring all regions to strengthen detection.

The main principle of the kit is polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which is a molecular biology technique used to amplify and amplify specific DNA fragments. Its biggest feature is that it can amplify trace amounts of DNA. Fluorescence PCR detection is a commonly used rapid detection method. The principle is that as PCR proceeds, the reaction products continue to accumulate and the fluorescence signal intensity also increases in proportion. After each cycle, a fluorescence intensity signal is collected. Finally, the change of the fluorescence intensity is used to monitor the change of the product amount, thereby obtaining a fluorescence amplification curve. Therefore, real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR can detect the progress of PCR in real time through the fluorescent signal.

Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR is a detection at the molecular level. As far as all existing rapid detection methods are concerned, the detection specificity and sensitivity of this method are the highest. Since this detection method relies on specific binding at the molecular level, as long as the published gene sequence is no problem, the detection accuracy of related technologies can reach 99.9%. The new coronavirus test results are usually available within 1-2 hours.

Knowing oneself and knowing the other is not a battle, and only by recognizing our enemies (new coronavirus) and knowing the scientific principles can we not be influenced by rumors. Rumors about smoking can be anti-virus, drinking can be anti-virus, Banlangen anti-virus, salt water anti-virus, vinegar anti-virus and so on can be broken.



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