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How to use airplane oxygen mask

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1. Understand aircraft oxygen masks:

Oxygen mask is emergency rescue equipment to supply oxygen to passengers. If the cabin suddenly loses airtightness or encounters other oxygen-deficient conditions, passengers can get an oxygen mask to make up for oxygen at any time. After the aircraft reaches a certain altitude, pressurize the cabin. If the cabin of an aircraft loses pressure, hypoxia will result, and passengers will feel dizzy and lose consciousness under hypoxia, which will endanger their lives. When the cabin depressurization occurs at different altitudes, the time of hypoxia that people can accept is different. The higher the flying height, the less time for acceptance. In civil aviation airliners, each person’s seat is equipped with a personal oxygen mask for emergency use, so there is no need to fight to avoid pulling the oxygen mask and delaying use.

2. How to use airplane oxygen mask?

In the case of decompression in the aircraft cabin, the oxygen mask will be actively thrown down from the cabin roof. Above the passenger seat, there is an emergency manual release of the oxygen mask and a "push" symbol. After pushing away, the oxygen mask actively lowered in front of the passengers.

All you need to remember is that after the oxygen mask is dropped, the oxygen mask is dropped, pull the mask, fix the rope on the head with one hand, and put the oxygen mask on the nose and mouth with the other hand. Pay attention:

1. "After the oxygen mask falls off, pull the mask down forcefully"

2. "Put the mask on the nose and mouth and breathe normally"

3. "Before assisting others, please wear an oxygen mask by yourself"



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