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How to use butterfly needles

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Due to the special structure of the butterfly needle, that is, there is a wing on each side of the needle body. After puncture, the two wings and the needle body form 90° and directly contact the skin, which can cause skin discomfort and even skin damage, so it needs to be under the two wings. Pad dressing. In addition, in order to fix, protect and observe the puncture site of the butterfly needle, the butterfly wing needle is usually covered with a transparent applicator.

Unfold the butterfly-shaped needle cushion dressing with double-folded edges. The two sides of the opening of the opening layer are placed under the left and right wings from the puncture point of the butterfly needle, and the two sides of the opening are inwardly butted into a seamless state; the unopened layer is folded in half to cover the two wings of the butterfly needle On the wing (note that the unopened layer completely covers the open layer, so as not to stick the transparent applicator on the open layer, so that the unopened layer and the open layer cannot be separated, and it is difficult to remove the cushion dressing and the transparent applicator from the butterfly needle) , The butterfly needle puncture point is exposed at the hollow isosceles triangle without a bottom edge, and finally a 10cm×12cm transparent applicator is used to fix and protect the butterfly wing needle and part of the extension tube.



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