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How to use disposable masks after disinfection?

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Whether it is an n95 mask or a disposable mask, it is recommended to change it every 4-6 hours. Under normal circumstances, when masks are sufficient, it is not recommended to use masks after disinfection. However, the epidemic situation has caused the price of masks to soar, especially the price of N95 masks even higher. Therefore, the editor is considering how to obtain reusable disposable masks to alleviate the impact of the "mask shortage". The following editor will share with you how to reuse disposable medical masks.


Cleaning is necessary. However, the reuse of masks needs to meet two conditions. If these conditions are violated, repeated use is not recommended.

Specialized personnel: The mask is a disposable item, and it is helpless to reuse it. No need to bring one with your family.

Not suitable for crowded places: wearing reusable masks is suitable for occasionally strolling and basking in the sun. It is not recommended to wear in crowded places (such as hospitals, shopping malls and vegetable markets). When the reusable mask is disinfected and worn, the seal and structure will inevitably be destroyed, and the ability to resist viruses will naturally decrease. In densely populated places, the protection requirements for masks are higher, and new masks must be used when entering and exiting these places.

How to reuse disposable medical masks?

High temperature, alcohol, disinfection cabinet and sunlight are our common disinfection methods, but can these disinfection methods be used for mask disinfection? Our purpose of disinfection is to reuse disposable masks, so we must not only consider that disinfecting bacteria will not destroy the original protective capabilities of the masks. Now, most masks are made of polypropylene. High temperatures exceeding 80 degrees will damage the structure of polypropylene and greatly reduce the electrostatic adsorption capacity. Masks will naturally lose their original protective capabilities. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the disinfection method of high temperature cooking for masks.

Usually, both sides of the mask are disinfected with 75% medical alcohol, and then placed in a damp container to dry. But you need to pay attention to the mask that has just been immersed in alcohol, and do not expose it directly to a dusty environment. Of course, the ultraviolet disinfection cabinet can also be used for disinfection.

Tips: If the mask is a disposable mask, it is best not to reuse it if it is not a last resort.



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