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How to use elastic bandage

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Wound dressing in time can achieve the purpose of compressing hemostasis, protecting the wound, and fixing dressings and splints; otherwise, it will lead to increased bleeding and new injuries. ThenWhat are the elastic bandage dressing methods? What are the precautions for elastic bandage dressing? Let’s learn about it with the editor below.

1. What are the methods of bandaging?

1. Ring method

This method is usually used more on the wrist. First, wrap the bandage in a loop. When going around the first circle, tilt it slightly; make the second and third circles into a ring, then press the extra corner of the first circle into the ring, and finally fix the tape tail with adhesive, or cut the tape tail into two Head, then knotted.

2. Serpentine method

This method is often used for splinting. First, wrap the bandage in a loop. Wind up or down diagonally at intervals according to the width of the bandage.

3. Spiral method

This method is generally used for the same body thickness. First, wrap the bandage in a loop. Each winding of the upper winding covers one third or two thirds of the front winding in a spiral shape.

4. Spiral reflex method

This method is mostly used for different body thicknesses. First, wrap the bandage in a loop. When it is almost wrapped, fold each circle of bandage to cover one-third or two-thirds of the front circle. Follow this to wind up from bottom to top.

5. Figure 8 method

This method is used in joints where the joint is bent. First at the joint bend, wind up and down in an "8" shape back and forth, and each circle intersects the front circle at the bend, and at the same time overlaps the front circle or gland 1/2 according to the situation.



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