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How to use electric pen?  

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Electric soldering pen is specially used for writing on foam board, blown paper and other materials, which is similar to engraving works. The technique used is actually similar to our normal writing with a pen, but it is just a process of making and making things very simple.

The writing method of electric soldering pen is basically similar to that of pencil and pen. Use your thumb and forefinger to clamp the sides of the pen holder, and hold the electric pen holder with your middle finger below. Because the temperature of the tip is very high, the tip of the tip is lengthened, and the fingers are farther away from the tip of the tip. When using an electric soldering pen to burn pictures, because the performance requires the fingers and wrists to constantly change their movements, this is similar to holding a brush to write and draw pictures. Sometimes, the method of woodcut holding a knife is also used for best results.

The tip of the electric soldering pen is hard. When the pen is transported, there are strokes, reverse strokes, and strokes such as pause, frustration, turn, and fold. When moving the pen, different textures are expressed by different directions.

As far as the different parts of the tip of an electric soldering pen are concerned, they can be divided into flat, wing, sharp, and the root of an electric soldering pen, each of which plays a different role.



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