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How to use medical elastic bandage?

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Medical elastic bandage is a medical product specially used for surgical explosion care. In our daily lives, we will cause physical harm. Elastic bandages are essential when dealing with these injuries. How to use medical elastic bandage?

1. Purpose

Elastic bandages are made of natural fibers. Soft texture and high elasticity. It is mainly used for surgical dressing and nursing. Elastic bandages are widely used. It can be used for bandaging of various parts of the body, field training and trauma first aid.

2. According to different parts of the bandage, small elastic bandages are used for upper limbs, medium elastic bandages for knee joints, and large elastic bandages for knee joints. The method of dressing depends on the purpose of use. Elastic bandages used to support circulation should support venous bandaging to counteract the increase in venous pressure, and should not overemphasize venous return or arterial blood supply.

3. The dressing should start from the feet and gradually wrap around to the desired height. In the dressing process, about two-thirds of the overlapping elastic bandages of adjacent layers should be removed before going to bed every night, otherwise it will not be easy to form after the dressing.

4. When using an elastic bandage, observe the skin color and swelling of the affected limb every day to observe the effect. For patients with varicose veins of the lower extremities without surgery, elastic bandages should be used daily for a long time; for patients with deep vein thrombosis, regardless of the restricted period of activity or the beginning of activity, the elastic bandage should be used for at least 3 months, or even for life. Protect the valve function of superficial veins and communicating veins, reduce or eliminate symptoms.



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