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How to use oxygen mask and matters needing attention

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1. How to use medical oxygen mask

(1) Prepare the necessary items for the oxygen mask, carefully check the bed number and name, clean your face and hands before operation, wear a mask, tidy your personal clothing, and prevent wearing items from falling off.

(2) Install an oxygen meter after inspection and test whether it is unblocked. Install the oxygen core, install the humidification bottle, and check whether the equipment is stable and in good working condition.

(3) Check whether the date of the oxygen inhalation tube is within the warranty period. Check for signs of air leakage to ensure that the oxygen tube is in good condition. Connect the oxygen inhalation tube to the humidification bottle to ensure a stable connection, and at the same time turn on the switch to adjust the oxygen flow.

(4) Check the oxygen pipe again to test whether it is unblocked and leak-free. Check if there is any moisture at the end of the oxygen tube. If there are drops of water, wipe it dry in time.

(5) Connect the oxygen tube and the head mask, and ensure that the connection is intact to ensure that there is no problem in the working state. After the check is correct, put on an oxygen mask. Wearing a mask should adjust the tightness and comfort of the nose clip.

(6) After putting on the oxygen mask, record the time and flow of oxygen inhalation in time, and make careful rounds to observe the state of oxygen inhalation for abnormal performance.

(7) After the oxygen use time reaches the standard, stop oxygen in time, remove the mask, turn off the flow meter in time, and record the stop oxygen time.

2. How to use civil aviation oxygen mask

(1) After the oxygen mask falls off, pull the mask down forcefully. There is a tight rope between the mask and the oxygen generator. Pulling this rope can trigger oxygen. Be careful not to force too much to avoid breaking the rope and the catheter. .

(2) Put the mask on the nose and mouth, and breathe normally. When the oxygen mask is released, there will be graphics and text instructions on how to use the release board. Passengers should follow the instructions and operate correctly.



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