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How to use oxygennebulizer masks

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The oxygennebulizer masks is composed of an oxygen mask, an atomizer mask and an oxygen connecting tube, and its operation is very simple. The following is the specific method of use:

Connect one end of the catheter to the outlet of the atomizer and the other end to the bottom of the atomizing cup, and then pour the atomizing liquid into the atomizing cup (recommended within 2 ~ 8ml), then wear the mask or bite Can be atomized.

The features of oxygennebulizer masks are mainly suitable for the nebulization treatment of respiratory diseases.

1. According to the doctor's advice, draw the medicine solution, dilute it with distilled water, or dissolve the medicine within 5ml, and then inject the medicine solution into the atomizer;

2. According to the patient's condition, the medical staff will take the nebulizer to the bed and use it;

3. Instruct the patient to gargle, first clean the mouth, take a comfortable position, connect the "1" end of the sprayer to the oxygen cylinder

On the rubber tube, remove the humidification bottle, and then adjust the oxygen flow rate to 6-10L / min, it can be used;

4. The patient holds the nebulizer. When exhaling, pay attention to move the finger out of the air port to prevent the loss of the liquid. If you feel tired during use, you can relax your finger, inhale after a short rest, until the liquid is sprayed;

5. Soak the atomizer in the disinfectant solution for 30 minutes after use, disinfect it, clean and dry it, and put it as a spare.

The above is the  method of using the oxygennebulizer masks, have you learned it?



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