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How to use the nebulizer mask correctly

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At present, the atomizers suitable for household mainly include compressed air atomizers and ultrasonic atomizers. When choosing a nebulizer mask, priority should be given to nebulizers with small atomized particles, low noise, small amount of drug residue, fast atomization efficiency, and small size. The atomized particles output by the nebulizer are required to be below 5μm to ensure that the drug's effect reaches the lower respiratory tract. Next, the editor of Zibo Dongmai will share with you how to use the nebulizer mask correctly.


Pay attention to the use of the atomizer, because improper operation often fails to achieve the atomization effect. It is necessary to add distilled water to the water tank of the atomizer, and the temperature is in the range of 15-40 degrees, so that the float in the water tank can float. Then put the liquid into the atomization tank and dilute to 30-50ml, then put the atomization tank into the sink, and close the tank lid. Then turn on the power switch, when the red indicator light is on, warm up for about 3 minutes, then turn on the atomization switch, the white light is on, and you can use it when you see a spray of liquid. It should be noted that the use of each atomizer may be different. For details, please refer to the instruction manual of the atomizer.

Many people do not pay attention to cleaning after using the nebulizer mask, which causes the nebulizer to breed many bacteria, which is not conducive to health. Therefore, after using the atomizer, it needs to be thoroughly disinfected, and before using the atomizer, it must be cleaned and disinfected. When not in use, be careful not to leave liquid in the atomizer. In addition, it is recommended to clean the atomizer twice a week, which can effectively prevent bacterial growth and infection.

The above is the correct use method of the nebulizer mask. In addition to understanding the most basic method of use, you should also pay attention to its safety hazards. In the process of atomization, when it is found that the clearly visible mist is discharged from the atomization cup, it must be stopped immediately. And during the spraying process, in addition to the necessary operations such as switching the power supply, do not touch the host at will. If you feel abnormalities in the pharynx during use, you should stop immediately and consult a doctor in time. Wash your face after normal use, and prevent any scum from staying on your face.



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