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How to use the nebulizer mask

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The atomizer mask is some of the main components of the atomizer, but it is also very simple and bad. Because masks can reduce the resistance of elderly respiratory patients, nebulizer masks gradually replace breathing tubes and gradually become market operations.

Nebulizer masks have two major characteristics: dedicated personnel, reduce cross-infection, and reduce patient costs. At the same time, it is sensitive to use, can connect various nebulizers and oxygen supply equipment, atomize all kinds of drug solutions suitable for inhalation, and bring convenient services for the elderly anytime and anywhere.

The application method of the nebulizer mask is as follows:

1. Put the mask on the patient's chin when using it, move the mask to the patient's face, and press it quietly to make the mask more effective.

2. Don't use the mask to firmly press the patient's mouth, nose and eyes

3. Tighten the aluminum clamps of the mask to prevent oxygen from entering the eyes. Cut off the small exhaust holes on both sides of the mask if it is stuffy.

  Some nebulizer masks are a one-time use product, so they must be discarded after one use. Even a mask that can be used multiple times needs to be discarded in time when the maximum number of uses is reached. The accurate use of methods can achieve the best effect!



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