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I am a medical protective suit, a "protective film" for infectious diseases

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People caught by a sudden new type of pneumonia were caught off guard, resulting in a shortage of anti-epidemic materials such as protective clothing, masks, and isolation gowns. However, no matter what the shortage, materials of different types and levels should not be mixed. Otherwise, it will easily cause infection and the gains will not be worth the loss. Let's get to know what medical protective clothing is like.

Medical protective clothing is classified according to its purpose: daily work clothes, surgical gowns, isolation gowns and protective clothing.

Daily work clothes refer to the white coats worn by medical staff in their daily work, also known as white coats. Surgical gown refers to specially designed clothing worn in the operating room. Isolation clothing refers to the clothing worn by medical staff when they come in contact with patients, and when family members visit patients. Protective clothing refers to the clothing worn by people who enter special areas such as medical emergency, infectious disease area, electromagnetic radiation area, etc.

Now it is the dangerous period of high incidence of new coronavirus. As medical staff rushing to the front line, they need isolation clothing and Medical protective clothing at the back, and as peripheral personnel on the second and third lines, such as community entrance checkpoints, property inspections, and junction inspections. For stations, isolation gowns or industrial protective clothing are all you need.



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