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IV Cannula Winged with Side Valve Needle

Sterility Status: Sterile

Usage Status: Single use

IV Cannula Winged with Side Valve Needle

IV cannula winged with side valve needle    IV cannula winged with side valve needle


Also known as ported cannula or IV cannula. Plastic/synthetic cannula (often teflon or polyurethane) usually utilising a stainless steel introducer needle with flashback chamber possessing a luer plug. The flexible cannula may or may not be radio-opaque. The hub of the cannula may be angled and possess a one-way injection port with integral closure. The hub is also colour coded according to size and is available in several gauge sizes. An additional luer plug may also be provided to cap off the female luer.

Method of use:

A peripheral vein is identified and insertion site is cleaned. The needle is advanced into the vein with the bevel facing upwards and flashback is observed in the hub chamber to confirm venepuncture. The needle is held stationary whilst the cannula is advanced further into the vein and off the needle. The vein is occluded and the withdrawn needle safely disposed of. The male luer plug is placed at the end of the indwelling cannula and pressure released. The wings are taped down to securely fix the cannula. An intravenous administration set may then be connected for the administration of drugs or fluids or a luer plug may be secured. Regular flushing with saline is recommended to maintain patency. The injection port allows a luer lock or slip syringe to be secured for bolus injections or drug administration. Not used for arterial access due to risk of intra-arterial injection.

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